The road to V: straight, or curved?

Some vegans think that veganizing the world is as straightforward as telling people they should be vegan, one by one.

I think it’s a little bit more complicated than that. The road to a vegan or compassionate world may not be as obvious or straightforward as we think, or hope. It may also not be as direct as we would like. Maybe we need to make some detours to avoid certain barriers. Also, we may need to experiment, try new things, and turn back if we see it doesn’t work.

The struggle for animal liberation is the most difficult, most challenging struggle ever. It is to be expected that the solution is not simple and that we need to try many things.

That’s why in my new logo, you see a curved road towards the big V:

I think the above icon makes more sense than the one I originally had in mind, but which I eventually discarded:

straight road


I’m very grateful to Amy from Thrive Creative for designing my beautiful new logo. Thrive Creative wants to work with organizations and individuals who are passionate about creating a better world for us all.