In this section you can find the recordings of several presentations I gave (and can still give).

How to Create a Vegan World
In this talk, loosely based on my book, I talk about four ingredients for a vegan world, that our movement could use more of: open-mindedness, empathy, rationality and positivty.

Making compassion easier.

This is the best introduction to my views on a strategy for veganizing the world. It’s a view that may be quite a bit different from most activists’. It emphasizes the importance of incrementalism and asking for steps.

Strategic Communication
This presentation, which follows on the previous one, focusses on principles for good communication. The central idea is to be focused on the audience, not on yourself.

We can’t do this alone

In this talk I suggest that the vegan movement needs all the allies it can get, and how sometimes we mistake allies for enemies… We can work with anybody.

Why the future will be vegan

In this talk, I give a broad overview of where our movement is now, and especially talks about the importance of alliances with the health, sustainability and business domains.

How to communicate on Facebook without losing your mind
This is about how to be effective (and keep your mental health) while communicating on Facebook.

15 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I like your style and your message. It’s very open and non blaming. I would like to add one thing, the human aspect of factory farming and slaughterhouses. The people working under these conditions suffer many times from PTST post traumatic stress disorder, as well as dangerous and stressful conditions to keep up with the 3,000 animals that are killed every second around the world. Farming methods that elemanate all humanity and compassion. We are not only destroying animal live but also destroying human lives.
    Just another aspect of the vegan argument to use to convince those how still feel the “need” to eat meat and that say they don’t care about the animals.
    Thank you for your work!

    1. Thanks Thobias for the inspiring speach on Saturday. Thanks Leni for your blog vegan4dogs, it is really useful in my search to re-veganise my dog… 🙂

  2. I really like your pragmatic approach. Many of the vegan facebook pages I follow are way too dogmatic, which is a bit off-putting and probably counterproductive

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